Compliance with ever changing seismic and wind codes is a liability issue for contractors, engineers, and architects. Consultation with Novia ensures that your project will meet all code requirements, which assists by limiting your liability. Our engineers have the ability to handle your unique needs and the experience to recommend cost saving alternatives.

Code compliance is not the only issue that consultation with Novia can help with. Novia, through affiliation with MasterSpec (American Institute of Architects), offers a comprehensive vibration isolation specification fully customizable to fit your needs. If you are unsure about your projects specific vibration isolation requirements Novia is always available for direct consultation. From engineered specifications to contract bidding, Novia will help you meet specification and code requirements while keeping your costs down.


Novia provides certified engineered solutions to complex problems; we routinely supply IBC, State, and Local building code certified designs for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing components and distributed systems. Novia has solutions from a simple unit heater requiring a set of neoprene hangers to a 200,000 lb. custom roof curb requiring built in sound attenuators and dampers. Why take chances with building code compliance or over-engineering your project? Consult with Novia to determine your project’s specific needs.


Upon completion of installation, Novia can prepare a certified report indicating that all vibration and seismic restraint devices are installed properly and in compliance with applicable codes and specifications. The inspection report will include an itemized list of all Novia products that are installed on the project including roof curbs, isolation hangers, isolation mounts, inertia bases, equipment supports, seismic restraints, and any other Novia products. A trained Novia team member will travel to the job site and provide a detailed inspection. This service is offered throughout the United States and Canada.

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