EQ-7 ESeismic Restraints

Novia manufactures a full line of certified seismic, wind, and thermal restraint products for all mechanical, sheet metal, plumbing, electrical and architectural needs. Vibration isolation is the separation of rotating and reciprocating equipment form the structure to prevent unwanted vibration and noise from entering occupied spaces. Seismic restraint is the positive attachment of components to the building structure to resist primarily horizontal forces due to an earthquake.

With vibration isolation and seismic restraint being diametrically opposed, Novia provides both options in a custom-engineered package. Vibration isolation is spec driven and there is no building code that dictates what should be isolated or how it should be isolated. Seismic restraint is code driven, but in many cases the spec can exceed the code requirements.

Novia is your partner in designing these systems to take the guesswork out of seismic restraint. We have seismic restraint solutions in the form of cable, solid bracing for distributed systems, custom roof curbs, restrained isolation mounts, pipe riser designs and much more. Novia has the product for your application and the experience to make sure your project meets all code requirements.


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