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Novia designs and manufactures roof curb solutions for your roof-mounted HVAC equipment including custom air handling units, packaged rooftop units, VRF systems, and any custom roof curb that you may need. The Novia roof curb line can be manufactured as insulated or uninsulated and are available fully assembled or knocked-down. We use fully welded seams on the curb panels and offer a detachable pipe enclosure that can be insulated on the inside or outside. Fabrication is completed using G90 galvanized steel in a variety of gauges based on the specific requirements of each project.


Vibration isolation roof curbs are designed and built to customer’s specifications and to attach to the manufacturer’s unit. VibCurbs are offered in a variety of heights and the springs are accessible for removal, replacement, or adjustment. The springs in the VibCurb are available with 1”, 2”, or 3” deflection and can be wind-load or seismic-rated including restraints and PE stamped. The Novia VibCurb offers an innovative construction with springs fully enclosed within the curb walls, avoiding a floating rail and flexible flashing.



Prefabricated roof curbs built to the latest code standards are available for both seismic and wind-load applications. These curbs come with internal bracing, heavy gauge construction, PE stamped based on the local building code, and restraints. Each SeisCurb is engineered specifically for the project requirements, not based on generic seismic and wind-load standards. Our SeisCurbs include a detailed seismic or wind-load calculation certifying the detailed attachment requirements. Concrete and steel attachments are provided as standard with other attachment options for wood or other surfaces are also available.

Specialty Curbs

At Novia, we specialize in custom roof curb options for many applications. We offer:

  • Adapter Curbs
  • Sound barrier packages
  • Sound attenuators
  • Fully insulated or uninsulated floor pans
  • Double-wall perforated insulated walls
  • Smoke dampers
  • Plenum curbs
  • VRF curbs with piping enclosure
  • Catwalks/Service Platforms
  • Turning vanes
  • Filter curbs
  • Metal Building Curbs
  • And many other options!

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